His Journey


Dr. Hunter Overley is a Louisiana native who fell in love with the “Gateway to the West” and decided to call it home. He originally pursued a career in Emergency Medicine, however, as a medic in his community, he witnessed the rise of chronic disease and lack of long-term solutions provided by modern medicine. This compelled him to search for alternatives and a new way of looking at health.

Not long after, Dr. Overley discovered that he himself had developed an auto-immune disorder, and when his prescribed allopathic treatments produced more side effects than resolutions, he was drawn even further to natural and holistic medicine.

While attending chiropractic school, he met several highly knowledgable and skilled doctors who all practiced Applied Kinesiology. With their guidance and treatment, he began his journey back to health and experienced relief almost immediately using natural methods. Over the course of a year, he became nearly symptom-free without medication or surgery; he knew then that his purpose was to help others similarly.

Dr. Hunter Overley earned his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Nicholls State University, a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Logan University, and received his Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University. Being of curious mind and endless spirit, he continues his education to provide his patients with the latest information on clinical nutrition and natural health care.

Following his schooling, he became the first Systems Health Care certified Applied Kinesiologist practicing in St. Louis.  Click these links to learn more about Applied Kinesiology or Systems Health Care.

His ultimate goal is to help others restore their health and empower them to keep it.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about becoming a patient or here if you’re ready to begin your journey.

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