Healing With Diet

Healing With Diet


As most of us know by now, there exists what seems like an endless amount of diets currently available, each promoting its own wondrous health benefits.

Some have been around for decades while others are simply a new flavor-of-the-week.

Several of these diets can be beneficial when used sparingly and at the appropriate time; however, most of us don’t know when that is.

The popular ones tend to encourage similar core healthy eating principles. However, for the majority of my patients with chronic inflammatory symptoms, and in my own experience, a Paleo-type diet seems to provide the best results.

The Paleo diet has some pretty strict guidelines to follow in order to be a true caveman, but we can simplify the foundations of the diet.

In general, you should:

Avoid processed, refined, or prepackaged foods.Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store; central items are typically in boxes.Pick perishables. Long shelf life usually means unnatural.Eat more vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and healthy fats.Choose whole, fresh foods as often as possible.

By following these simple guidelines, you can begin to extinguish the inflammatory fires and kickstart your healing process.

To learn more about the FULL Paleo diet, click here.

Here are some advanced diets for those with more complex health issues:

The 2-Week TestIntermittent FastingKetogenic DietMediterranean Diet


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