Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak with Dr. Overley before my appointment?

Yes! Dr. Overley offers a FREE 15-minute consultation to all potential new patients to determine if you are a good fit for his program. This initial FREE session is typically completely over the phone.  

Click here to schedule your free consult.

What type of treatment does Dr. Overley use?

Dr. Overley combines the latest alternative and mainstream treatment methods primarily consisting of applied kinesiology, nutritional biochemistry and functional neurology techniques. By blending clinical nutrition, acupressure, chiropractic, and craniosacral therapies with principles of neurology, biochemistry, and physiology, he can create a clearer picture of the problem and how to provide relief.

The idea is that you are being treated by one doctor with the knowledge of several instead of searching for multiple doctors to find a solution.

Dr. Overley sees patients from all over the Midwest who have seen multiple doctors with little success. Most often his comprehensive approach allows him to address a missing piece of the puzzle and resolve long-standing health issues. 

How long are his appointments?

A 120-minute initial appointment is necessary for Dr. Overley to get a thorough understanding of your health status and begin treatment on the first visit. Dr. Overley will spend a lot of time with you so you may begin to feel better as soon as possible. 

The follow-up appointments are typically one hour. When you schedule your initial visit, you must schedule 2 follow-up visits, one each week for the following 2 weeks. This ensures you a spot in Dr. Overley’s schedule, as the average patient needs to be seen initially once a week for 3 consecutive weeks to make the appropriate health changes. If he feels you do not need to follow this plan, we can adjust your appointments accordingly.

Why aren’t his appointments as often as other chiropractic appointments?

Dr. Overley spends more time with you and can accomplish more in a single visit than most physicians. Therefore, he can see you less frequently and give your body time to adjust to the changes that are made (body work, nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, etc.).

Dr. Overley has also observed that spinal issues tend to be secondary to deeper underlying dysfunction. By addressing the root cause instead of temporarily camouflaging it, you should see better results receiving treatments with a fraction of the typical frequency. 

What are his fees?

Dr. Overley charges an hourly rate of $200 with lab work and/or other materials such as nutritional supplements charged separately if they are required. The initial 2-hour visit is currently offered at a discounted rate of $350.

The fee you are charged is based on the time spent with you, not the allotted appointment time. For example, if Dr. Overley only sees you for 30 minutes during a follow-up visit, you are only charged for 30 minutes; not the full hour. 

Our patients pay us at the time of service and are given all the necessary forms to submit to their insurance company. Please be prepared to take care of the charges before you leave. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

For the St. Louis area, Dr. Overley also offers house calls in the convenience of your home or office for those with busier schedules or luxury lifestyles. The hourly rate for this service is $275, with supplements and additional testing charged separately if required. (Additional fees may apply depending on location.) 

Does he treat children?

Yes! Dr. Overley treats children of all ages, including infants! He bills an hourly rate of $200 with lab work and/or other materials such as nutritional supplements charged separately if they are required. 

Does he offer any family discounts?

Yes! We are committed to supporting the health and well-being of your entire family. As a thank you to our active patients, we are pleased to offer a special discounted rate for children of parents who have had an appointment within the last 3 months. For these families, the rate for all services provided to patients under 18 years old is $160 per hour, with lab work and supplements charged separately if required.

Please mention this policy when scheduling your child’s appointment to ensure the discount is applied.

Does insurance cover his fees?

That depends on your insurance company. Dr. Overley is a chiropractor, so if your insurance covers chiropractic it is likely you will be reimbursed for his services to the extent that your policy covers. He does not participate in any insurance plans. Therefore, he would be considered a non-participating provider or “out-of- network” with your carrier.

You are responsible for the charges incurred at the time of your appointment. We give you the paperwork for you to send to your insurance company. If they reimburse for the services provided, they’ll reimburse you directly.

Does he use muscle testing?

Yes, but the type of muscle testing Dr. Overley uses is much more comprehensive and complex than what most doctors use. Unfortunately, many physicians and non-physicians using muscle testing are not qualified or use generalized bogus forms of the technique.

Muscle testing, as performed in our office, is a major part of the neurological assessment process. To help you, Dr. Overley looks at your medical history, lab tests, physical exam findings, neurological exam findings, and other criteria. He uses specific neurological muscle tests to help him understand the root problem and how to treat it most effectively. Muscle testing, when used appropriately by a qualified, skilled physician, is a powerful tool that aids in individualized, specific treatment. 

Click here for more information on muscle testing.

What adjusting method does Dr. Overley employ?

Dr. Overley is a chiropractor, so he has been trained on the techniques and benefits of manual adjusting. In school, he was trained to detect subluxations (misalignments in the spine) and adjust (“crack”) the spine.

Dr. Overley has training in Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Motion Palpation, Applied Kinesiology and Activator techniques. However, when assessing a spinal subluxation or misalignment, he asks whether it is a symptom or a root.

Using his comprehensive approach, he focuses on determining and treating the root cause of the subluxation. In most cases, this means a chiropractic adjustment is not indicated. Other times it is necessary. Dr. Overley’s unique training equips him with the tools to determine which type of therapy is needed, and when, to yield the best outcomes. 

How can I schedule an appointment?

Click here to schedule your appointment at your convenience!

You can also call us at 314-474-7070 to schedule if you prefer. Dr. Overley tries to return his own phone calls and speak with you directly, so please be patient and he will call you as soon as he’s available.  If you still have questions regarding treatment, you can email Dr. Overley directly at [email protected] prior to scheduling your appointment . 

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